10 Keys to Successful Local Business Social Media Marketing

local business social media marketingBuilding a successful local business social media marketing strategy takes time.  There’s no silver bullet.  Anyone who’s been doing this for a while will agree.

Of course, there are tools, processes, and steps to make it easier, but at the end of the day the point of social media is to authentically engage with people that share similar interests.  Think of it as a virtual cocktail party.

Based on my experience, here are 10 Key to Successful Local Business Social Media Marketing:

  • Determine your goals – Increase web traffic? Increase new/existing customer growth rates? Increase average order value?
  • grow your prospect list?
  • Establish your presence – sign up on leading platforms and customize profiles
  • Engage with your local customers online at their place of convenience – ask & answer questions, provide valuable content, and build relationships with customers, prospects and influencers
  • Serve as a local trusted resource online by sharing relevant information on a consistent basis about your industry and product category
  • Implement compelling promotions – leverage scarcity, location, and time to drive demand among your local followers and fan base
  • Draw interest and listen to your customers and competition by following and commenting on local blogs, forums and discussion groups
  • Track everything – learn and respond to community trends and interactions
  • Be prepared to adapt – stay ahead as tools and platforms change rapidly
  • Avoid common pitfalls – fake reviews, poorly designed ads, unresponsiveness
  • Above All – Show You Actually Care!

What do you think?  What did I leave off the list?

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