11 Examples of Jingles and Introductions from Leading Marketing Podcasts in iTunes

podcast jingles and introductions examples from itunesI’m working on an introduction for my new podcast and threw together a few examples from some of the leading marketing podcasts on iTunes.

UPDATE: Here’s my new intro.

Some of these are better than others, but at the end of the day they provided me with some useful inspiration for my own podcast.


These intros aren’t that difficult to create.  You could easily create your own in Garageband with some simple sound bites mixed with some of the built in musical effects.

You could also use a sight such as fiverr.com.  There are dozens of voice specialists that will create a killer podcast intro for only $5.  Well worth $20 to get 4 versions put together, right?

Are you podcasting?  How’s that going?

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