2011 YouTube Video Traffic Review

As many of your know I like to shoot a lot of video.  In fact,  I published 61 videos on Youtube in 2011 – you can see them here on my YouTube channel.  I have several other YouTube channels too, but I’m not going to refer to those in this post.

I like video as a communications channel for several reasons:

  1. sometimes it’s better to illustrate a point show & tell style
  2. shooting video or screencasts are so easy it’s almost irresistible for me
  3. search engines love video (Google owns YouTube)
  4. video keeps the reader’s attention longer than text
  5. video is mobile friendly

Of course, if you’re not comfortable putting your face in front of the camera, the prospect of doing video isn’t really going to sounds very apealling.  It won’t be terribly fun and your viewers will probably sense your lack of confidence or enthusiasm.

A good remedy is to record a quick video every day for 30 days and keep them private – this helps you find your voice, learn the tools & process and gain some confidence.  Also, spend some time on YouTube watching others. Explore their styles and consider what might work best for you.

My video stats from 2011

Here’s a snapshot of my YouTube channel performance in 2011. Overall, I’m pretty pleased, but there are areas for improvement.

2011 YouTube Anayltics Review

Performance – # of views at 33,441 is OK.  This represents a 10% increase over last year and really could have been a lot higher.  My most popular videos had to do with iPads and Podcasting, so those seem like a popular subjects to build on.  I’m in the process of building a podcasting app and service for podcasting on the iPad so this is a no brainer.

I’m pretty happy to see 57 new subscribers; this gives me some sense of value.  Unfortunately, it’s less than the net number of new subscribers in 2010 of 90, but I think I know the answer.

You see, in 2010 I did a series of videos on podcasting from  your Mac using Screenflow.   I worked really hard on them and people took note.  I’ve gotten tons of comments and the reaction has been nothing but positive.

In 2011, I published a similar series on Facebook Pages for Business, but recorded the videos with Screenr in more of a rapid fire mode.  Because Screenr videos are limited to 5 minutes and do not provide any editing capabilities they weren’t nearly as impressive as the 10 minute, finely tuned videos from 2010.  Don’t get me wrong – the content was great, but the presentation was not as memorable and thus fewer people subscribed to my Channel.

YouTube Activity Impact on Website Traffic

I often preach that video is critical to driving traffic an retaining visitors once they reach your site.  Let’s take a look at how this unfolded in 2011.

2011 Youtube Impact on Website Traffic

This first snapshot shows that I received 311 visits, with 1.95 pages per visit, average time of 1:50 and bounce rate of 63.3%.  All of these metrics perform better than my entire site on average.

I also see 75% new visits, which is 12% less than my site on average, but this is OK because it tells me that I have loyal viewers on YouTube.

Key Takeaways for 2012

I’m going to keep publishing video in 2012.  It drives great traffic and pages on my site that have videos embedded have better visitor stats than average. I also really enjoy producing and publishing video and feel like it’s going to continue to develop as the preferred media for online communication.

This year, I’m also going to use Screenflow more strategically as my main video production tool.  The quality of output is just so much better than any other screen capture process I’ve used.  Sure, it takes a bit longer to use Screenflow vs Screenr, Jing or Quicktime, but it’s time well spent.

How’s video working for you and your business?  Do you get much traffic from YouTube? What are you doing to leverage video in 2012?

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  • Thanks for the great insite. I am planning to continue adding more videos to my blog.  I have been getting a good response, but I hope to build on this to capture more attention.  Like you I believe that video is the way to go.  I just need to get better equipment etc. 

  • Thanks Dave. You’ve given video a lot of thought in 2011. Looking forward to watching more this year!

  • Dave Shockley

    Thanks Steinar you have been a great inspiration.  If you ever need a reference just let me know.