3 Reasons Blogging Makes Good Business Sense

blogging to drive trafficPersonally, I love blogging as a means to communicate new strategies to my market.  It’ also a great way share tactics I’ve found that can really help companies grow their business online.


One area most businesses are still curious about is the effectiveness of blogging. There are some statistics that suggest blogging is declining, amidst the rise in popularity of social media. This may be true in the short term, but I think those that pursue a blogging strategy will win over the long run.

Here are at least three reasons why blogging is important:

  • Blogging improves your likelihood of being found on search engines by the right target. Companies that blog receive 55% more visitors than those that don’t because their content is typically full of the keywords searchers are using to find the right site for their needs.
  • Blogging is a great way to generate links to your site, and companies that blog have 97% more links to their site. Search engines translate inbound links as credibility and legitimacy.
  • Blogging regularly adds fresh new content to your site, and search engines love that, too. When search engine crawlers go out looking for sites with the content a target is entering in the search bar, they’re attracted to sites that are consistently adding relevant information.

via Why A Blog Needs To Be Part of Your Inbound Marketing Efforts | Business 2 Community.

What’s your experience with blogging as a business. Has it helped drive new traffic and engage your market?

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