3 Reasons to Comment on 5 Blog Posts Per Day

commenting on blog postsCreating your own unique content is well known as the best method to drive traffic to your website and share your knowledge on a given topic.  It should not be considered work.  Think is it more as an outlet for you to discuss what you’ve learned lately or explore a new topic in depth.

Another great channel to learn more about you niche and network with others in your industry is to read blog posts and leave comments as you go.  I’m sure most of you read blogs, but do you leave comments?

Here are 3 reasons to comment on 5 blog posts per day:

  1. Leaving a comment commits you to really think about what the author has said.  Rather than quickly skimming blog posts, take a few minutes to reflect on the author’s position and craft a meaningful response or question.  The benefit is that you can learn a lot about how you really feel about the topic and help determine your personal position on an issue.
  2. Leaving comments is a great way to network with others within your niche.  If you’re reading a commenting about something that truly interests you, then this should be fun and rewarding.  Much like attending an endless cocktail party with others in your industry.  Very cool.
  3. Finally, leaving well crafted comments can serve as a great source to drive off-page search engine optimization.  Most comment fields ask for your name, email and url.  Fill these sections out and don’t be afraid to include your keywords along with your name.  Also, use your keywords in the body of your comment and as anchor text should your include any links back to your site.  Don’t abuse this approach . . . make sure our keywords add value and don’t distract from your message.

Clearly, commenting has is benefits, but many people struggle to find content to comment on.  Personally, when I find an interesting blog (or anything with an RSS feed) I subscribe to it with Google Reader.

Each morning I spend 5-10 minutes scanning for intersting articles and comment on a few. I repeat this process in the evening.  Each day I learn something new and the traffic from these comments continues to grow weekly.

What’s your niche?  Would commenting on other blogs help you learn, connect, and drive traffic to your site?  What’s holding you back?

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