3 Reasons Why WordPress Blog Post Tags Are Important

WordPress tags are an often overlooked option when publishing a new blog post. Based on some questions I heard this morning, it’s clear that there is some misunderstanding about the use of Tags and why they’ll important to the overall long-term health of you blog.

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3 Reasons WordPress Tags are Important

  1. Tags are similar to the index at the end of a book. They help the reader find specific keywords hidden through your blog. Even better, they help readers find all the posts that are related to a particular Tag.
  2. Tags are great for search engine optimization, since every tag creates a new url or page within your site that Google and other search engines may index.
  3. Tags are also good for creating sub-categories around a niche topic. For example you may have a cooking category and several posts tagged as “breakfast”. Each tag has it’s own RSS feed, so you could use this to either target subscribers or submit your RSS feed to niche 3rd party sites.

How are you using tags?

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  • ParlayMakers

    Thank you for this post. You make a clear, concise, argument for taking the time to use tags. I haven’t been bothering, but now that you’ve taught me the whys and wherefores it will be easier to take the time.

  • nice info dude

  • Thank you very much. Glad you found it useful.