30DTC – Using Market Samurai to Identify Keyword Phrases and Drive Targeted Web Traffic

It’s still day two of my 30 Day Traffic Challenge and it’s time to use Market Samurai to do a little keyword research. The goal is to identify long tail keyword phrases and increase targeted web traffic to my site.

I used Market Samurai for about 30 minutes this afternoon to identify at least one promising keyword phrase: targeted web traffic.  I’ll revisit Market Samurai again later to explore other keyword phrases but let’s take a look at the initial process of keyword analysis and selection.

In this screenshot you see my initial keyword search for the phrase “website traffic strategies”. I narrowed the initial related keyword phrase result set to exclude non-relevant word and longer phrases and then move forward with my analysis.

website traffic strategies keyword analysis

What I discovered, as shown in the next screenshot is that the phrase “website traffic strategies” has relatively low traffic.  The results tell me that this phrase only gets 4 clicks per day for the website in the #1 position Google search result set.  I’m looking for a keyword phrase that gets at least 80 clicks per day in the #1 position so this won’t do.

I notice, however, that “increase web traffic” gets 374 clicks per day and has a PBR (phrase-to-broad match) score of 24%.  That means that 24% of the searches for that phrase are exactly “increase web traffic” and 374 clicks are made each day on Google in the first position for that phrase.  That seems a bit more attractive, right?

Unfortunately, I see an SEOC score of 666,000 which means that over a half million other webpages are already competing for the same phrase.  I could deal with that, but generally that’s not good.  I want a phrase that has less than 100,000 competing pages . . . but I like the traffic number.

increase web traffic keyword analysis

Given the good traffic statistics for “increase web traffic” I run a similar keyword research report . . . this time for “increase traffic”.  I narrow my result to keywords that have at least 80 clicks per day, a PBR score of at least 15% and no more than 100,000 competing webpages.

Based on the screenshot below, I discover that “targeted web traffic” is a good candidate.

targeted web traffic keyword analysis

“Targeted web traffic” gets 112 clicks in the first position on Google, has a PBR score of 36% and only 64,100 completing webpages.  This is a pretty good keyword phrase to target and I’ll go with this one for now.

How will I use keywords to drive targeted web traffic to my site?

I’ll use this new phrase in a number of ways to drive traffic to my site.  Basically, I’m telling the search engines and, ultimately, my readers, what my content is about.  No trickery here.  Learning how to drive targeted web traffic is exactly what the 30 Day Traffic Challenge is all about.  I don’t want random traffic – I want targeted traffic.  You should want the same.  Make sense?

  1. I’ll use my new keywords throughout my blog in meta-tags, titles, descriptions, keywords, categories, post tags, image tags, anchor text and more.
  2. Off-site, I’ll use these keywords to find relevant 3rd party blogs and content with which to comment and use as inspiration for my own blog posts.
  3. Understanding my keywords will also allow me to speak more directly to my audience, since I more clearly understand what they want.

Again, understanding how keywords work and what people are searching for online is critical if you want to attract a target audience through natural search optimization.

Guessing or choosing keywords based on intuition can really waste everyone’s time and effort.  Don’t do it.

That’s it for now.  I know this was a bit more technical in nature, but I hope you learned a little.  I know I did!

I’ll share some more Market Samurai goodness later with a deep dive into competition and outranking other websites for my keywords.  This is gonna be fun, right?

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