30DTC – Using Mind Maps to Brainstorm Ideas and Map Out a Plan of Attack

It is day three of my 30 Day Traffic Challenge and today I am working on creating a mind map of all of the potential channels and opportunities to drive targeted web traffic to my website. I’m using a great tool on my iPad, iPhone and Mac called MindNode Pro, which is available at www.mindnode.com.  Another great free mind mapping application I’ve used in the past is FreeMind.

Mind mapping is a great way to brainstorm ideas graphically rather than writing down your ideas in a list. In particular, they allow you to get ideas out onto the table in a free-form fashion and then re-order or categorize your ideas in a more meaningful way. With MindNode, I can export my map as an image, pdf or text based outline among other formats.

You can see from the initial mind map that I’ve created there are numerous ways to drive traffic to your website. I’ve categorized my mind map into strategies, tools, measurement, and search engine optimization, plus a special category around stuff beyond increasing traffic, such as conversion and monetization. This is by no means complete but it gives me a starting point with which to move forward implementing my traffic getting strategy.

Mind Map to Increase Targeted Web Traffic


Here’s the same mind map exported as an html file … pretty cool, huh?

  • Increase Web Traffic
    • Beyond Traffic
      • Long term strategy
      • Business objectives
      • Converting visitors
      • Monetization
    • Measuring Traffic
      • Google Analytics
      • Quantcast
      • Alexa
      • Compete
    • Strategies
      • On my site
        • Blogging
          • Keyword rich posts
          • Controversial content that challenges common belief
          • Covering current events
          • Top ten lists
        • Subscriptions
          • Blog feed subscriptions
          • Newsletters
          • Auto responder series
        • Creating a simple tool or widget as a downloadable
          • WordPress plugin
          • Ebook
          • Excel templates
          • Simple workbook with forms to complete
        • Multimedia formats
          • Podcasting
          • Images
          • Video
      • On other sites
        • Press Releases
        • Paid traffic
          • PPC
          • Advertising
          • Affiliate Marketing
        • Social media
          • Facebook
          • Twitter
          • LinkedIn
        • Participating in Forums
        • Commenting on blog posts
      • Offline promotion
    • Tools
      • Market Samurai
      • Blogging editorial calendar
      • Google Reader
      • Subscription Services
        • Aweber
        • Mailchimp
        • Constant Contact
        • IContact
    • Search engine optimization
      • Keyword research
      • On-page
        • Leveraging what I already see working with current visitors
      • Off-page
        • Inbound links

Once my mind map is fairly complete, I will prioritize the action items and fill out my blogging editorial calendar. It is much easier this way to stay on track and feel like I have a plan of attack moving forward.

Mind maps are also great for outlining a table of contents for an eBook, white paper, or any writing assignment in general.

Do you use mind maps?  How? Why? What tools do you like?

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