30DTC – Web Traffic Increased 15% in Week 1 of 30 Day Traffic Challenge

I have a ways to go, but I’m happy with a modest 15% increase in web traffic to my site during the 1st week of my 30 Day Traffic Challenge.

What’s better is Time on Site doubled and my Bounce Rate went down ever so slightly.  I’m focussed on Unique Visitors during the challenge and you can see my traffic went from 668 to 765 this week vs. last.

google analytics shows unique visitors traffic growth to my blog

The most effective means of driving traffic have been:

  • writing more blog post across a variety of content that ultimately all ties together with internal links and references.
  • commenting on 3rd party blogs – I’m averaging 3 comments per day.
  • choosing keyword phrases from Webmaster Tools where I’m on the 2nd page of Google Search results.  This is traffic that usually misses my site and goes elsewhere.  I’m focussing on the long-tail phrases that have 1,000+ impressions today and I site on in the 10-40 spot in search engine results.  I’m doing some cross-analysis with Market Samurai as well to further analyze competitive landscape.
Yesterday I setup Bing Webmaster Tools and I’m exciting to see what new information I can learn and apply to my strategy.
Talk soon!

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