4 ways to use Google Reader to track your industry, engage your market and monitor your brand

Google Reader to monitor your brand imageAs many know, Google Reader is one of my favorite tools to help establish yourself as a market leader online.  In this audio post I discuss the 4 ways Google Reader can help you track your industry, engage your market and monitor your brand.

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Four advantages of Google Reader

  1. Ability to track your industry by subscribing to popular blogs or RSS feeds that contain the latest news, trends and product information
  2. Ability to share information with your social network via share button, shared custom Google Reader RSS feed or email link
  3. Ability to save searches from Twitter to easily identify opportunity to engage with people asking for help on topics you understand
  4. Ability to track mentions of you, your company, your brand or your products and service so you can jump in the conversation early and often.

How do you use Google Reader?  What other online tools do you use to accomplish these or similar tasks?

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