5 Great Inbound Marketing Tactics for Affiliate Marketing

Let’s talk about some other great strategies for driving traffic.

Email Marketing

Email is a powerful method of communication because people still feel somewhat obligated to read their email. And if they actually opted-in to hear from you, that’s even better.

The best strategy is to set up an autoresponder series so when someone signs up on your website to learn more, you send them a series of emails to educate them and build trust. When it’s time to ask them to order, you have an established relationship. I use Aweber because it’s easy, reliable and an established industry leading email marketing platform used by top marketers.

eBooks & White Papers

Sometimes it easier for people to consume content on their own terms in a more familiar format that read stuff online. In this case, eBooks and white papers are great for distributing your content. These are nothing more than fancy PDF files.

The beauty is that they are easier to share and you can still include links to your content in the PDF. Just write up your content in a word processing program, such as Microsoft Word or Apple Pages and export as a PDF. The ability to print as PDF is built into the Mac … Windows users will have to use a free program like PDFCreator.

Once you create your ebook or white paper, share it on your website and through social media channels. Maybe offer it for free in exchange for signing up to your email marketing list.


Online video is cool, but what’s really great is hosting your own live free video event where people can join in at a specific time to hear you talk about the products your promoting for free. A webinar is basically the online version of sitting face-to-face with a group of people and presenting information to them.

Now let’s be clear – people are not going to sign up for a webinar to be sold to for an hour. They will sign up to get help or learn something new. Make sure to focus on providing value first and selling your product second.

The most popular service for managing webinars is GoToWebinar. It’s great because they provide the sign up forms, registration, email reminders and hosting the actual live event.

Document Sharing

Sometimes is good take one of your blog posts or small section of your ebook and create a one or two page document you would like to share. Or maybe you have a presentation that describes your product well. There are some great sites to help distribute these documents and ultimately get more eyeballs on your affiliate links.

The two most popular document sharing sites are Slideshare and Scribd. In both cases, you create an account and profile, upload your documents and provide as much detail as possible. Then, as people are search around on the Internet or these sites in particular, they stumble across your documents, consume your content and potentially click on your affiliate links.


With the proliferation of smart phones and the popularity of iTunes, podcasting has grown to a powerful channel for marketing online. For example, you could start a podcast about your industry and offer links to your website for more information about the product you’re promoting.

Starting a podcast is not terribly hard:

  1. First, you need to create an MP3. Mac users should use Garageband and Windows users should download a free copy of Audacity.
  2. Upload your MP3 to your WordPress site we created earlier.
  3. Install one of two free WordPress plugins: Podcasting by TSG or Blubrry Powerpress. These plugins format your content to publish on iTunes
  4. Submit your podcast to iTunes and wait a couple days for it to go live.
  5. Continue to publish new episodes and you should see increased traffic to your website if you mention your website address in the podcast.

If your on a Mac, you can watch my complete podcasting course here. Use coupon code affmkt and pay only $9 for this 1.5 hours of hands-on training.

If you have an iPad or iPhone and want to podcast directly from your mobile device to iTunes, you should check out Mobile Podcaster. This iPhone app is the glue that connects your  iPad or iPhone recordings to your WordPress blog and iTunes for a complete, on-the-go podcasting solution. I love it!

Affiliate Marketing Field Guide

Affiliate Marketing Field Guide

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