5 Reasons to Like the New Facebook Pages Layout

The new Facebook Pages layout is now available and there are some great new features that admins should like:

1. Ability to login to Facebook as a Page and post on other Pages. This was somewhat possible before by Liking and Mentioning other Pages, but the new process is much more straightforward.

2. Ability to arrange photos as a header for your Page. You now have your main logo (200x600px) plus 5 photos to work with. Time to get creative!

3. Ability to receive email updates when fans post or comment on your Page. This is a feature admins have been asking for since day one.

4. Ability to Like other Pages and feature their content in your sidebar. Nice if you’re trying build goodwill across multiple pages to grow your fanbase.

5. FBML moves to iFrames. This is huge since FBML was an entirely new language that most folks didn’t take the time to really understand. Now you can frame up your favorite HTML pages in a frame.

If you don’t understand how any of this works, take some time to poke around on your Facebook Page to familiarize yourself with the changes. Give me a call at 434-806-3272 or leave a comment below if you need help.

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