5 Tips for a Better Facebook Page

By now most of you who own a business or are in charge of marketing for your company have set up a Facebook Page. If you haven’t, please go to Facebook.com/pages and get started right away.

As you know Facebook is the number one website on the Internet and it’s critical for your company to have an established presence on Facebook and take advantage of the popularity of Facebook to connect with your market via social media.

If you’re struggling to customize your Facebook page and interact with fans, here are some simple steps to set up a professional Facebook page that best represents your brand.

1. Your logo can have maximum dimensions of 600 pixels tall by 200 pixels wide. Some companies use this space to create a custom JPEG or PNG image that includes additional information other than just their logo.

2. I find it’s best to post content to your Facebook page every day. This may seem like overkill at first but honestly don’t you have something to say about your business on a regular basis? The fact of the matter is that most people are following so many companies and individuals on Facebook that your message can easily get lost in the shuffle so don’t feel like you’re overwhelming your audience with too much information.

3. The recent updates to Facebook allow you to include a number of pictures at the top of your Facebook page. In fact you can include five pictures and I recommend you carefully pick these pictures to best illustrate your brand image and draw attention to your page. Some companies in fact have used this new feature as a way to better display their brand and present a more creative approach to the layout of their Facebook page.

4. If you have more than 25 fans I highly recommend that you create a custom username or custom URL for your Facebook page. Once you have 25 fans go to Facebook.com/username to register your custom URL. Please note that this custom URL can never be changed. The advantage of creating a custom URL is that you can use it in other forms of traditional marketing such as print advertising, radio advertising and television advertising to draw fans to your page. The worst thing you can do is say “find us on Facebook” and leave it up to the individual to find your page.

5. One last tip is to create content that invites users to interact with you on Facebook. Post a poll or ask a question. In fact, I recommend that you finish every post with a question. Studies suggest that people will leave comments more often if you pose a question rather than simply stating some facts or linking to another article off of Facebook. Did you also know that video and images get priority in terms of how they are distributed to your fans individual Facebook feeds?

I hope these tips help as you and your company explore the opportunities to leverage Facebook as a powerful channel to market your business online. Please contact me if you have any questions or would like help setting up your Facebook page.

P.S. — This blog post was written as a transcription from Dragon Dictation on my iPad 2. It’s just one tool I use to help increase my efficiency when it comes to marketing my business online. Plus, I can’t type that fast 🙂 What tools are you using to increase efficiency and effectiveness in your online marketing?

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