6 Ways to Improve Your Business Facebook Page

Facebook Pages are a great way to leverage the largest social media platform and connect with folks in your target market. Here are some tactics I’ve been using to improve my business Facebook Page and those of my clients. 

1. Consistently post new content. If people have “liked your page they’ve basically given you permission to communicate with them. Don’t be bashful – post new content on a regular basis to maximize the opportunity. One warning – don’t post too frequently or you might annoy them. Find a proper balance that’s acceptable for your audience.

2. Add some variety to your content. Don’t just post links or one-liners. Mix it up with pictures, videos, links to local events, articles on related content, and links to your blog articles. Also, use Notes to post longer updates, much like you would with a blog post.  Finally, try asking questions or taking a poll to drive engagement.

3. Add some customization.  Did you know you can have up to 6 tabs on your Facebook Page?  The Wall and Info tabs are not optional, but you can customize the remaining 4 tabs with something unique.  There are several apps to create tabs from Youtube, Twitter, and LinkedIn, but I also recommend you create a couple tabs with FBML. This basically gives you the flexibility to add HTML much like a Webpage. 

4. Make it fun. If your Facebook Page is all business, people might get bored.  Even the Wall Street Journal has comics.

5. Connect with other social media platforms. Most people know you can connect Twitter to your Facebook Page so that new updates gets tweeted. This will help drive traffic. You can also connect your blog RSS feed so that new posts appear in your Facebook Wall. Why do this? One, for efficiency and two, to help spread the word and connect your followers across multiple platforms. It’s no different that including your website address and phone number in a print ad. 

6. Have a call to action. What do you ultimately want your Facebook Fans to do?  Call? Sign-up for something? Visit your website? Share your content?  If you never ask you can’t expect them to guess. Be bold and ask them to take action.

What have I missed?  What other advice do you have for improving business Facebook Pages?  

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