7 Free Marketing Plan Templates to Download

Time to write your new marketing plan ro update an old version? Here are 7 free marketing plan templates that provide a variety of important factors to consider. Since marketing is not a one-size-fits-all game, check out several of the templates below and craft your own.

Building your marketing plan will take some time – don’t try to rush the process. Instead, break it down into 4-5 major sections and tackle each section over a set period of time. This will help you stay focussed and on schedule.

If you’re a sole entrepreneur, I also encourage you to share your marketing plan with others as you develop it. Bouncing ideas off friends and family members is a great way to keep your assumptions in check and uncover hidden opportunities and challenges.

7 Free Marketing Plan Templates

  1. MPlans Free Marketing Templates and Sample Marketing Plans
    Here is a great selection of plans that were created using Sales and Marketing Pro. With MPlans Sales and Marketing Software, you can edit and update these sample plans directly to produce your marketing plan faster and easier, or create your own plans from scratch.
  2. A One Page Marketing Plan Anyone Can Use
    Ivana has created really simple, one-page templates that can be used to develop marketing plans … two different marketing plan templates to be exact. They’re designed to get you thinking and planning and making money, not writing lengthy documents.
  3. Detailed Marketing Plan Template
    This is one of the most detailed and comprehensive marketing plan templates available on the market, with 39 pages of material designed to guide you through the steps of creating a winning marketing plan. This template will undoubtedly help you prepare an exceptionally strong and complete strategic marketing plan, pushing your business ahead of the competition!

  4. Free Marketing Plan Outline from QuickMBA
    The folks at Quick MBA have crafted a very simple outline for your next Marketing Plan. Sometimes less is more.
  5. Free NonProfit Marketing Plan
    Nancy has published a great marketing plan template for non-profits. What’s particularly nice about this template is that she includes questions to help guide you through the thought process rather than just a series of bullet points. Much of this outline is also applicable to for-profit businesses as well.
  6. Free Marketing Plan Template with Examples
    Engage Marketing published this free PDF marketing plan template download offers: a set plan structure, a list of key topics, and considerations/suggestions on how to maximize each section of your marketing plan. Personally, I love the design of this template and the thoughtful examples use to help you understand key concepts. A must read!

  7. Developing a Marketing Plan Guide
    The University of Missouri has a free, 15-page guide that provides an overview of the importance of market research and analysis, product development, pricing, advertising, promotions, publicity, sales and customer service.

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  • Thanks for mentioning our Engage Marketing marketing plan template Steinar. Fantastic list too. There’s really a marketing plan for every need/purpose here!

  • You’re welcome Michael! I really like the Engage Marketing site … and your car, nice!