A few cool finger swipe features in OSX Lion

Apple released OSX Lion for the Mac this week. Here are a few of the cool new finger swipe features that should help improve user experience and efficiency.

OSX Lion iCal Navigation with 2-Finger Swipe

OSX Lion introduced a new version of iCal which allows you to navigate through days, weeks, months and years by simply using a 2-finger swipe to the left and right. This was particularly interesting to me since I was hoping we could get this feature on the iPad. It may be a sign of good things to come!

Browser swipe navigation with OSX Lion for the Mac

With OSX Lion you can navigate through your browser history simply by swiping two fingers left and right. No longer necessary to click the forward and back buttons. Very cool!

Switching desktops and apps with OSX Lion Mission Control

OSX Lion for Apple allows you to easily swipe between desktops and apps with a 3- finger swipe.

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