A popular subject – How to Podcast from your Mac

Based on the traffic, comments, and backlinks I’m seeing, my series on how to podcast from your Mac is relatively popular.  The numbers aren’t staggering but nearly 1000 visitors have come here to learn exactly how this all works.

So, here’s a summary of where we are in the series and what’s next.

You can also watch these on my YouTube Playlist: How to Podcast from Your Mac.

In upcoming episodes, I’ll cover:

  • How to host your podcast on WordPress and publish to iTunes
  • How to publish a video podcast from your Mac
  • How to include video, audio and pdf’s in your podcast
  • How to publicize your podcast on other podcasting networks beyond iTunes

Any other topics you would like me to explain on this subject?

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  • themommychat

    We really appreciate all you have done. There would be no The Mommy Chat without you! I just subcribed and gave you a much deserved 5 stars!


  • Thanks Tammy – glad I could help!