AirTran Airways puts ads where passengers can’t miss them

Over the next two weeks, AirTran Airways plans to outfit all 138 of its Boeing jets with seat-back advertisements, measuring about 2 1/2 by 9 inches. The advertisements are placed at eye level, so passengers can’t avoid them, except by lowering the tray tables.

From a marketing perspective this new advertising move makes perfect sense. Actually, I’m a bit surprised tray-back advertising didn’t happen much earlier. Seems like a better location for the ads versus the top side of the tray, which is usually covered up either when close or in use. I suppose the plastic case is for protection and the ability to more easily change the ads. In either case, I think it makes sense.

From a consumer’s point of view, the new advertising strategy on tray-backs seems unobtrusive as long as the plastic case doesn’t cause discomfort on my legs when folder down. Also, if they plan to have paper ads hanging out of the pocket, that could get a bit annoying. I can confidently predict that most people will immediately stash away anything hanging out of the pocket.

Nonetheless, I think this strategy is probably the best yet. Ad teams have tried tray-tops, napkins, and video advertising with airline phone and tv screens. This seems to be the most in-your-face tactic and should deliver results assuming the ads are targeted well.

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