Are women more likely to Like you on Facebook?

A recent white paper from the Pew Research Center suggests that women Like Facebook content more often than men.

The dichotomy between the two groups is clear …
Frequency of liking content on Facebook by sex

Though I have my theories, I’m not a human behavior specialist nor will I attempt to explain why this is the case.  As a marketer, however, I will embrace this data and use it to better leverage Facebook as a marketing tool.  No sense spinning your wheels, right?

If you are marketing on Facebook you should think about a few things based on this data:

  • 20% of women “like” content on Facebook several times a day compare to only 9% of men.  Think about that.  The more relevant your content is to women, the greater chance you have to get Likes for this group.
  • In general, the more content you put out, the more opportunities there are for people to Like.  Of course,  there are limits . . . what are those limits?  Depends on your market really.  Some folks can only handle one post per day, while others expect ten.  Play around with this a bit and push the limits.  See what works – you might be surprised.
  • In some cases, getting men to Like your content on Facebook may be a serious challenge, since 28% of men indicate they never click the Like button.  Could a better strategy include targeting women to indirectly get your message across to men?  This will obviously depend greatly on your market and how different forms of influence determine decision making among your users.

What do you think?  Is this data relevant to your Facebook marketing strategy?  Will you do something different as a result?

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