How to record a podcast on your iPad or iPhone and publish to WordPress and iTunes

It’s finally here … Mobile Podcaster. Since January 2011 I’ve been podcasting on from my iPad and publishing to WordPress and iTunes without ever touching my blog or a computer. It’s a really awesome system.  I’m really proud of it and it’s now available for you too, so if you’re interested check out Mobile Podcaster.

Here’s an EXAMPLE of a recent podcast episode recorded and published from my iPad without ever touching my computer. This was recorded on my iPad using the Samson CO1U USB Condenser Microphone with the iPad camera connection kit.

Mobile Podcaster is an iPhone app that allows you to podcast from your iPad or iPhone and publish to your WordPress website and iTunes.

Recording and Creating a Podcast on my iPad with Mobile Podcaster

Recording and Creating a Podcast on my iPad with Mobile Podcaster

The iPad serves many purposes, but for me it’s about marketing and finding new and different ways to leverage mobile technology to grow my business and engage my market online. New media has been especially interesting and I’ve confirmed the iPad is great for recording audio to create podcast episodes which can translate into new WordPress blog posts.

Audio is a great format to communicate with your readers for several reasons:

  • audio blog posts are much faster to produce
  • audio blog posts do not require extensive editing
  • you can easily set up a separate RSS feed for audio posts and let readers subscribe via iTunes (see my sidebar)
  • audio blog posts can be created while driving – much like talking on the phone
  • audio blog posts are great for interviewing people
  • audio blog posts are a great way to differentiate your blog and add variety

My solution using Mobile Podcaster satisfies the following criteria:

  • post audio to WordPress from my iPhone without logging into WordPress
  • blog posts must contain a flash audio player that is user friendly for desktop users
  • blog posts must contain a direct link to the raw mp3 file so that audio is mobile friendly
  • audio posts must publish automatically without any further editing or logging into WordPress
  • Any social networking notifications stem from my blog and direct users to my site, not some 3rd party site.


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  • Are you recording directly into the iPad mic or are you using the camera connection kit and a USB headset? The audio sounds really good, especially if you are using just the iPad mic.

  • Yes, I'm talking straight into the iPad mic. I'm uploading a tutorial video now and should be here in this post in the next 5 minutes.

  • Awesome sounds good!

  • Thanks – I just listened to it for the first time online and the quality is awesome! Sweet!

  • Simondagnall

    Is there anyway of getting over 5 mins and what mic did you use, I find iPad mike a bit tinny and would love to use anhigher qualitymone

  • Sorry, looks like 5 minutes is the limit on and you’ll have to stick with the iPad mic for now (which is actually outstanding). For longer and more professional podcasting there are other solutions, but this is it for simple short podcasting on the go.