BCS and Social Media: Here’s What Not to Do

Bowl Championship Series … added a Twitter feed (@insidetheBCS) and Facebook fan page.

But it made the classic mistake — at least initially — of treating these social-media platforms like propaganda broadcast tools, rather than a way of finding out what, exactly, fans want. For several days after its Twitter feed went live on Nov. 18, nothing but ire was directed the way of the organization, which helped fuel the anger by failing to respond in any meaningful way to the incoming messages.

via BCS and Social Media: Here’s What Not to Do – Advertising Age – Digital

This is the classic mistake and I see it time and again – one way communication with little attention to listening to and interacting with your followers.

For me the answer is a three-way approach that balances your voice and participation in Social Media:

  • Tweets about your company, product or service
  • Tweets about your industry or niche at large
  • Tweets about you as a person or the people that make up your company

Combine that with a healthy dose of re-tweets and replies to others that you follow and you are much better positioned for social media success.

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