Blog Monetization Strategy: Affiliate Marketing (Charlottesville Blogville Conference)

Last week I spoke at the Blogville Conference in Charlottesville on the subject of Monetization. This is a short except from that presentation specifically discussing potential of driving income with the use of affiliate marketing.

  • Description: Affiliate marketing is a marketing practice in which a business rewards you (their affiliate) for each purchase or action brought about by the your marketing of their products.
  • Benefits: Earnings potential using targeted ads that require little or no customization and drive revenue 24/7.
  • Tools & Resources: Amazon Associates, Google Affiliate Network, Google Adsense, ClickBank, LinkShare, Commission Junction,,
  • Implementation: Be true to your niche audience or tribe; provide value – ads should be something you feel good about or use yourself; more is not necessarily better; provide your own personal review for best results; measure results and weed out low performers.
  • Reality Check: Earnings potential may be limited in local markets

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