Blog Monetization Strategy: Downloadable Products (Charlottesville Blogville Conference)

Last week I spoke at the Blogville Conference in Charlottesville on the subject of Monetization. This is a short except from that presentation specifically discussing potential of driving income with the use of downloadable products.

  • Description: Digital and information products that may be purchased online, such as software, e-books, photos, music, plugins, podcasts, and videos.
  • Benefits: Immediate delivery, higher profit margins, no inventory, completely automated, ability to update or change products on demand.
  • Tools & Resources: Word or Pages, Audacity or Garageband, Camtasia or Screenflow, e-junkie, 1shoppingcart, lulu, Amazon, Blurb, PayPal
  • Implementation: Use a shopping cart service to provide simple execution. Test various price points. Offer free version with up-sell. Consider 1-time purchase vs. subscription.
  • Reality Check: Creating downloadable products is one of the easiest methods of product creation and usually costs nothing (except time). Challenge yourself to create one this week!

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