Blog Post Frequency Has Strong Correlation to Customer Acquisition

For those of you who do not blog on a regular basis, the following chart will serve as a subtle reminder: there is a strong correlation between blog post frequency and customer acquisition. I can personally tell you that in my experience this is true. blog-post-frequency-vs-customer-aquisition


Where Most People Fail with Online Marketing

Here’s how I see it. Most businesses jump on the online marketing bandwagon without a real strategy and/or long term investment. They setup a quick blog, maybe a Twitter and Facebook account and the even an email newsletter list. They tweet for a couple weeks, write 3 blog posts, get 2 subscribers to the email list … and then give up. Successful marketers know that online marketing takes perseverance. Marketing online requires a steady pace of producing helpful content to improve the lives of your customers. In my case, I’m here to help business owners get a handle on online marketing. Who are you trying to reach? How can you help them today? Think about that and start mapping out a blogging plan.

Create a Blogging Plan

What’s a blogging plan? Well, just like any form of exercise it’s best if you have a plan of attack. In my case, I like to map out a series of subjects I can blog about over the course of the next few weeks or months. It helps keep me organized and energized. There’s nothing worse than sitting down in front of the keyboard with nothing to say. Do yourself a favor and get organized first. For example, here’s a quick mindmap I just put together that I’m going to use over the next 10 blog posts on Mobile Marketing. It took me about 5 minutes to create this in MindNode and now I have a plan. mobile marketing mindmap Having a plan for your upcoming blog posts also means that you can build anticipation for your reader, just like I did in the last paragraph. Your readers know something is coming; therefore, they’re more likely to stick around and see what’s next. This is similar to a television mini-series. We always come back to see what’s next.

Generate Meaningful Content

So, now you’ve see the stats and you have a plan – all that’s left is actually writing or creating the content. This is by far the most difficult aspect of marketing for most people. Fortunately, in an online world you have several options:

  1. You can just blog – you know with a bunch of text
  2. You can add interesting pictures that add value
  3. You can shoot a quick video and embed that in your blog post
  4. You could record some audio and start a podcast
But … the most important piece is that you truly help others. This is essential no matter what format and style you use, because if you don’t deliver value, it’s really all for nothing. And folks online these days are pretty savvy, so they know when you’re selling something or really trying to help improve their lives.
So, tell it like it, be honest and open … as if we were sitting right across from you. And Good Luck!
Please let me know what you think. I value your feedback.

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