Blogging Dictation – Speak Your Next Blog Post with OS X Mountain Lion

blogging dictation - speak your blog post with apple os x mountain lion

One of the biggest points of resistance I hear about blogging from business owners is the time commitment. There’s a notion that blogging requires extensive research and preparation; and, therefore, can take several hours away from your day in order to deliver value on a regular basis.

I’ve been blogging for about four years now and can definitely appreciate how someone might be concerned that blogging could take up your time. However, I think the value that blogging delivers far outweighs the time required.

For me, blogging provides many benefits. One, it allows me to share new ideas quickly. Two, it allows me to challenge ideas and come up with my own spin on how to solve problems. And three, it gives my readers a chance to understand who I am and what I have to offer.

And blogging doesn’t have to take a lot of time. This blog post for example is being written with the new dictation features available in Apple OS X Mountain Lion. It’s fantastic, because I can just talk to my computer and it types every word. I’ve been doing this for years with my iPad, but it’s nice to finally have it on my MacBook Pro.

Others prefer to use video, photographs and audio as a means to make blogging easier. A picture or video can speak volumes versus typing out a lengthy blog post. I use all of these methods depending on the subject and find that it’s not only good for me, but also for my readers as well, to mix it up.

So, what’s holding you back from blogging today? What can you do to simplify the process and overcome barriers to publish?

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