Blogs are perhaps the most powerful online marketing tool available

blogging is a powerful marketing toolThis quote was too good to pass up …

In other words, if you don’t have a blog, you’re missing out on perhaps the most powerful online marketing tool we have available today, regardless of whether you are focused on dominating one particular niche, or entering multiple small niches, or helping clients with their online marketing, or all of these things.

via My Notes From The Ed Dale Internet Marketing Seminar – by Yaro Starak.

Yaro is correct, blogs provide serious marketing power.  They equal the playing field in many respects and provide a platform for individuals to compete with the big boys.  What’s more, search engines love blogs and if optimized, blogs can deliver website traffic much more readily than other forms of non-paid traffic.

What’s remarkable is that so many business owners still do not have a blog or if they have one they don’t post anything.  This blows my mind.  Some would rather pay for traffic I suppose – and don’t get me wrong there’s nothing wrong with that.  Paid traffic makes sense in some cases, but blogging almost always makes sense for a business.

Blogging really helps accomplish several things.

  1. Blogging is a way to express your knowledge, demonstrate your skills and share information with your market
  2. Blogging is a great way to grow your network
  3. Blogging forces you to stay ahead of the curve within your industry
  4. Blogging is a great strategy to drive search engine optimization
  5. Blogging is a great way to control your content rather than posting independent thoughts across 3rd party sites

And yet, blogging is not “easy.”  It takes time, thought, and planning to do it well.  But once you map out a your content distribution strategy and even fill out a blogging editorial calendar it can be quite rewarding, both personally and for your business.

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