How to Display .m4a audio Player Correctly with BluBrry PowerPress for WordPress

Mobile Podcaster publishes audio from your iPhone to WordPress as .m4a files. To display these correctly with BluBrry PowerPress you want to check off the option to “Use Flow Player Classic / HTML5 Audio player”. Read more »

Most visited pages on my site year-to-date

google analytics performance reports

It’s September 1st and with 2/3 of the year behind us, it’s a good time to look at where we are year-to-date. One metric I like to track is website visitor behavior: most popular pages, bounce rates, goal performance, etc. This data comes from Google Analytics. The metrics themselves are interesting but it ‘s how […] Read more »

Blogging Dictation – Speak Your Next Blog Post with OS X Mountain Lion

One of the biggest points of resistance I hear about blogging from business owners is the time commitment. There’s a notion that blogging requires extensive research and preparation; and, therefore, can take several hours away from your day in order to deliver value on a regular basis. I’ve been blogging for about four years now […] Read more »

What is Affiliate Marketing?

Welcome to the exciting world of affiliate marketing! Affiliate marketing is the practice of promoting a company’s products to earn a commission either on the act of someone clicking on your link and/or of making a purchase. The beauty of affiliate marketing is that no inventory is required, no product development is necessary and you […] Read more »

How I use bitly to create links and track performance

track visitor clicks

If you’re marketing anything online, it’s good practice to track the links you share so you can ultimately measure performance and see what’s driving the right kind of traffic, what visitors are looking for and what they do once they land on your site. Obviously, Google Analytics can help you understand much of this, but […] Read more »

How I use Google Analytics on a Daily Basis

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a fantastic tool that I use pretty much everyday to track visitor activity and behavior. Specifically, I’m looking at # of visitors, bounce rate, popular content and traffic source. My goal is to discover: What content is driving traffic and how are visitors finding this content What keywords are driving the “best” […] Read more »

How to Build a Website to Host Your Podcast

Host my podcast with Wordpress

In most cases, you will need a website to host your podcast. I recommend you use WordPress. WordPress is one of the leading blogging platforms available that supports podcasting through the use of plugins that allow you to post your episodes and make them available on iTunes if you want. Download the PDF version of […] Read more »

Grasshopper: #11 Essential Online Marketing Tool for 2012

Grasshopper Virtual Phone System

What is Grasshopper? The Grasshopper virtual phone system helps entrepreneurs sound more professional and stay connected from anywhere. Features include toll free and local numbers, custom greetings, multiple extensions for employees, call forwarding to any phone anywhere in the world, voicemail to email and more! Get a Toll Free or Local Number With Multiple Extensions […] Read more »