Social Media Starters Guide

social media starters guide

Following are the essential steps to get you started with social media implementation. This is not intended to be a complete guide but rather a roadmap to identify the initial steps in the implementation process. This assumes you have already committed to social media as an organization and have mapped out your strategy. If that’s not […] Read more »

3 Reasons Blogging Makes Good Business Sense

Personally, I love blogging as a means to communicate new strategies to my market.  It’ also a great way share tactics I’ve found that can really help companies grow their business online. One area most businesses are still curious about is the effectiveness of blogging. There are some statistics that suggest blogging is declining, amidst […] Read more »

Blog Post Frequency Has Strong Correlation to Customer Acquisition

mobile marketing mindmap

For those of you who do not blog on a regular basis, the following chart will serve as a subtle reminder: there is a strong correlation between blog post frequency and customer acquisition. I can personally tell you that in my experience this is true. Where Most People Fail with Online Marketing Here’s how I […] Read more »

Podcasting on my iPad with the Samson CO1U USB Condenser Microphone and Camera Connection Kit Podcasting directly into your iPad mic is great but some people may prefer better quality audio. In this episode I demonstrate podcasting with the Samson CO1U Condenser Microphone and the iPad Camera Connection Kit via Mobile Podcaster. If you’re having trouble with your recording volume, I recommend you install Garageband for iPad ($5) and […] Read more »

Why podcasting is such a valuable marketing channel

Podcasting is a wonderful marketing channel that is widely misunderstood. I love the fact that for free you can basically have your message heard by potentially tens and even hundreds of millions of people. I think most people shy away from podcasting because they don’t understand the potential reach. The tools are not as well […] Read more »

Commenting on Blogs for Knowledge, Brand Building and Market Leadership

commenting for market leadershipa and brand building

Commenting on other blogs is a fantastic strategy for building your brand online. So few people leave comments these days that you can easily differentiate yourself with this simple tactic. Not only does commenting get your name out there, it also gives you a chance to learn something new and connect with other thought leaders […] Read more »

12 Essential Online Marketing Tools for 2012

12 Essential Online Marketing Tools for 2012

The list of products and services chosen for this year’s list are products that I use on a regular basis. Some of them are free and others are paid services. In my experience, the combination of these products provides a platform to execute online marketing campaigns more efficiently & effectively. … thus, I am sharing […] Read more »

How to get started with affiliate marketing for passive income

affiliate marketing passive income

Affiliate marketing is a great way to make passive income online. Essentially this is the process of selling other company’s products for a commission on the sale. For example, you might sell a $50 product and get 6% or $3.00. With a good amount of traffic though your affiliate link, this could multiply into a […] Read more »

3 SEO Strategies You Can Execute Right Now

easy seo strategies

Search engine optimization is something that all bloggers and online marketers address at some point.  The goal is to drive more targeted to your site, but it seems as though the rules keep changing.  Let’s explore at least three SEO strategies you can execute right now. Listen or Download 1) Join Google Plus Social media […] Read more »