Search Engine Optimization for Affiliate Marketing

Search Engine Optimization for Affiliate Marketing

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of leveraging search engines to help drive traffic to website. The goal is to have your content rank higher in search results for phrases that are 1) directly related to your content and 2) highly relevant to those conducting the search. There are two major forms of search […] Read more »

Commenting on Blogs for Knowledge, Brand Building and Market Leadership

commenting for market leadershipa and brand building

Commenting on other blogs is a fantastic strategy for building your brand online. So few people leave comments these days that you can easily differentiate yourself with this simple tactic. Not only does commenting get your name out there, it also gives you a chance to learn something new and connect with other thought leaders […] Read more »

3 SEO Strategies You Can Execute Right Now

easy seo strategies

Search engine optimization is something that all bloggers and online marketers address at some point.  The goal is to drive more targeted to your site, but it seems as though the rules keep changing.  Let’s explore at least three SEO strategies you can execute right now. Listen or Download 1) Join Google Plus Social media […] Read more »

30DTC – Web Traffic Increased 15% in Week 1 of 30 Day Traffic Challenge

I have a ways to go, but I’m happy with a modest 15% increase in web traffic to my site during the 1st week of my 30 Day Traffic Challenge. What’s better is Time on Site doubled and my Bounce Rate went down ever so slightly.  I’m focussed on Unique Visitors during the challenge and […] Read more »

30DTC – Driving Targeted Web Traffic with Long-Tail Keyword Research

It’s day five of the 30 Day traffic challenge and a couple days ago I set out to optimize for the keyword phrase of targeted web traffic. I’m happy to report that some of the traffic to my website is indeed for this keyword search phrase. This is not by accident. I used the phrase […] Read more »

30DTC – Using Mind Maps to Brainstorm Ideas and Map Out a Plan of Attack

It is day three of my 30 Day Traffic Challenge and today I am working on creating a mind map of all of the potential channels and opportunities to drive targeted web traffic to my website. I’m using a great tool on my iPad, iPhone and Mac called MindNode Pro, which is available at […] Read more »

30DTC – Tracking Website Visitors in Real Time and Google Analytics Intelligence Alerts

As part of my 30 Day Traffic Challenge, I’ll be spending a lot of time in Google Analytics. It’s nice actually, because it is giving me the chance to update a bunch of settings, really dig into some of data and get some hands-on experience with the new tools. Tonight I stumbled across Google Analytics […] Read more »

30DTC – Commenting on Other Blogs to Drive Traffic to My Website

It’s day two of my 30 Day Traffic Challenge and today I am going to embark on one of my favorite tactics for driving traffic which is commenting on other blogs. Commenting on other blogs has several implications for driving traffic.First, commenting on other blog posts get you involved in the conversation. It allows people […] Read more »

Current Website Unique Visitors and 30 Day Traffic Challenge Goal

The intention of this post is to establish the unique visitor traffic baseline for my 30 Day Traffic Challenge.  Since this is about traffic, I turned to Google Analytics to see if I could easily determine an appropriate timeframe with which to compare my future performance. It would be easy to use a monthly average […] Read more »