Q&A: Why I follow brands on Social Media platforms

social media brand marketing

If your company is considering social media as a platform to connect with you market, you should take some time to examine the opportunity from your customers’ perspective. It may seem natural to categorize your readers as either customers or prospects but in many cases your brand may mean something more based on a number […] Read more »

How to manage social media with a simple schedule of activities

social media routine - daily, weekly monthly activities

For any business, managing social media can easily turn into a full-time job. Fortunately, with practice comes efficiency and a certain flow of regular activities starts to emerge over time. If your business is looking for a simple schedule of necessary activities to follow, let me recommend you start with the example I’ve outlined below. […] Read more »

How to properly use Facebook as a business and network with other businesses

Facebook for business

By now your business probably has a business Facebook Page.  The question is “what do I do with my Facebook Page?”, “how will my Facebook Page help me grow my business?” and “how can I network with other businesses on Facebook?” The key for most businesses is that you need to login to Facebook as […] Read more »

Top 4 content publishing options for marketing your business online

content marketing

I am getting ready for the Quadruplicity Conference this week and one of the subjects I will be touching on is content. Specifically I am trying to answer the question, “What are my options in terms of publishing content online and how can I get over or get through any kind of road blocks that […] Read more »

2011 YouTube Video Traffic Review

2011 YouTube Anayltics Review

As many of your know I like to shoot a lot of video.  In fact,  I published 61 videos on Youtube in 2011 – you can see them here on my YouTube channel.  I have several other YouTube channels too, but I’m not going to refer to those in this post. I like video as […] Read more »

LinkedIn is Top Social Media Channel for B2B Marketers

linkedin b2b marketing channel

LinkedIn is the smallest and oldest of the big 5 social media platforms, yet is surprisingly the preferred social media marketing channel among B2B marketers according to a recent study by Safefrog Marketing Greoup. Survey respondents often cite LinkedIn as the top social media site for B2B marketers, but others put Facebook and Twitter above […] Read more »

How to Find and Add Local Google Plus Users to your Circles and Grow your Social Network

Share my local Google Plus Circle

Searching for and adding local Google Plus users to your Circles can be a time consuming process, but I’ve come up with a solution to make it easier. I’ll use my “Cville” circle for local Charlottesville Google Plus users as an example. 1. Share your local Google Plus Circle with your followers. Go to Circles […] Read more »

Social Media: You Can’t Be Everywhere, Nor Should You

social media be everywhere

As marketers, many of us strive to “be everywhere” on the Internet.  It seems like a reasonable goal given the capabilities of tools like TweetDeck, Ping.fm and others that allow us to continuously share information across multiple social media platforms at once. Or maybe, you’re spending hours shooting video, blogging and podcasting because you almost […] Read more »

Social Media Expands with Launch of Google Plus Pages for Business

After much anticipation, Google Plus Pages launched this week.  It’s another significant step for Google as they attempt to steal market share from leading social media sites, such as Facebook and Twitter.  To setup your Google Plus Page, visit http://plus.google.com/pages/create. Here’s a quick quote from their official blog post announcing Google Plus Pages … In life […] Read more »