Using vs. Facebook Notes RSS to share blog posts on Facebook Pages

Facebook Pages blog post import

There are several ways to automatically share blog posts on Facebook Pages. The functionality of each approach is unique with different handling of images, links back to your website, and the need for separate applications to make them work correctly.  Let’s look at and Facebook Notes RSS to get started. is a […] Read more »

Getting funny looks when you mention Twitter. We can all relate. (Audio)

Listen or Download The fact is, many business owners still do not understand the power of social media and Twitter in particular. Those active in social media marketing can easily point to at least one if not several businesses that have derived some benefit as a result of their engagement. Play in new window […] Read more »

Why Would I Want a Facebook Page for my Business?

Facebook also has two unique sections that are of particular interest to businesses and organizations. One is Facebook Ads, a Pay-per-click (PPC) Advertising network that serves ads to users based on their biographical listing information. The second is Facebook Pages, a place for users to create a separate profile page for their business, organization or […] Read more »

Build a content distribution strategy, not a Twitter or social media strategy (Google Real-Time Search)

The recent news of Google real-time search inspired me to share my thoughts on content and how we share information on the Internet.  For those of you not up to speed, Google real-time search provides a subset of real-time search results within the standard results for popular keywords searches.  Google real-time search includes Twitter, Facebook, […] Read more »

Increase Your Social Media Efficiency (Video)

Social media is more popular than ever and serves as a valuable channel for people and companies to connect and engage online. As we learn the power of these tools, we often get overwhelmed with the thought of visiting each individual site to update our followers and engage in conversation on a regular basis. Worse, […] Read more »

Use Twitter and Facebook to Market and Grow Your Business (Video)

Twitter and Facebook can help grow your business online. These are the two most popular social media marketing networks and if use appropriately you can effectively find and engage customers in conversation. Maybe you want to provide customer support or communicate new offers in a timely basis. The key is these platforms offer a place […] Read more »

Free Download – Internet Marketing Primer

I wrote this guide to help people understand the basic tools Internet Marketers are using today.  I meet so many business people that need a simple introduction to the basics so they can get started. What’s Covered? Blogging – overcoming writer’s block,  establishing rythym, WordPress, Blogger and other tools Twitter – how to use a […] Read more »

Social Media Marketing Strategy – Key Considerations

Following is a quick overview of the key considerations for developing your business Social Media Marketing Strategy.  It is in no way all inclusive, but does highlight some of the considerations important to an effective strategy. Social Media Strategy – Key Considerations Read more »

B2B Social Media Communications Strategy

Q: I am working on a B2B communication Strategy and need to know IF and HOW social media is used when communicating with customers? via LinkedIn Answers | LinkedIn A: Social media is used for communicating with customers. There are at least two emerging trends in this area. The first trend is to use social […] Read more »