11 Ways to Make Money While You Sleep

Do you remember in the past we were warned to be careful about being in debt because interest never stopped charging us, interest never slept, never took a day off, never took a holiday. Well the reverse is true, as well. Is your money making money while you sleep? Does it sound too good to […] Read more »

Improving the Email Sign Up Process

Improving the Email Sign Up Process

The email sign-up process is the first of many steps along the customer journey—an opportunity for would-be customers to connect with your brand. As with any new relationship, whether it’s a first date, a job interview or a new neighbor, first impressions matter, and it’s essential to start things off right. As the starting point […] Read more »

3 Reasons Blogging Makes Good Business Sense

Personally, I love blogging as a means to communicate new strategies to my market.  It’ also a great way share tactics I’ve found that can really help companies grow their business online. One area most businesses are still curious about is the effectiveness of blogging. There are some statistics that suggest blogging is declining, amidst […] Read more »

Blog Post Frequency Has Strong Correlation to Customer Acquisition

mobile marketing mindmap

For those of you who do not blog on a regular basis, the following chart will serve as a subtle reminder: there is a strong correlation between blog post frequency and customer acquisition. I can personally tell you that in my experience this is true. Where Most People Fail with Online Marketing Here’s how I […] Read more »

7 Free Marketing Plan Templates to Download

Time to write your new marketing plan ro update an old version? Here are 7 free marketing plan templates that provide a variety of important factors to consider. Since marketing is not a one-size-fits-all game, check out several of the templates below and craft your own. Building your marketing plan will take some time – […] Read more »

31% of Cell Internet Users Mostly Go Online With Their Cell Phone

The following statistics from a recent Pew study are quite telling. It’s no secret that the proliferation of mobile phones and access to wireless Internet connections has driven significant growth in mobile traffic on the web. 17% of cell phone owners do most of their online browsing on their phone, rather than a computer or […] Read more »

Most visited pages on my site year-to-date

google analytics performance reports

It’s September 1st and with 2/3 of the year behind us, it’s a good time to look at where we are year-to-date. One metric I like to track is website visitor behavior: most popular pages, bounce rates, goal performance, etc. This data comes from Google Analytics. The metrics themselves are interesting but it ‘s how […] Read more »

How and Why to Schedule Blog Posts in WordPress

schedule post in wordpress

In a perfect world, you could easily write a new blog post everyday without trouble. However, that’s unlikely the case. Let’s face it … blogging takes time and inspiration and the time necessary to capture your attention comes in waves. Fortunately, WordPress is designed to help deal with the timing issues around blogging, through a […] Read more »

Blogging Dictation – Speak Your Next Blog Post with OS X Mountain Lion

One of the biggest points of resistance I hear about blogging from business owners is the time commitment. There’s a notion that blogging requires extensive research and preparation; and, therefore, can take several hours away from your day in order to deliver value on a regular basis. I’ve been blogging for about four years now […] Read more »