Charlottesville – Great Example of How Local Businesses Use Social Media

I read this recent blog post from John Jantsch at Duct Tape Marketing and immediately thought of the strong connections that local Charlottesville businesses have made through the use of social media.

Some evidence:

  • cross-promotions and partnerships between businesses that would not otherwise cross paths
  • instant referrals for business services online vs. the yellow pages
  • Twitter and Facebook images on the local news – nearly real-time
  • monthly tweetups where local folks connect offline
  • social media club meetings
  • and more … (what did I miss?)

Using social media to grow your local business is one of the most powerful marketing tactics going right now. Think about it, you’ve already established a level of trust in a community and now you can use technology to help build deeper engagement and deeper relationships with the folks that you already do business with.

via How Local Businesses Use Social Media | Small Business Marketing Blog from Duct Tape Marketing.

What do you think?  Is social media an effective marketing tactic for local business growth?

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  • I definitely think so. Look at SuzySaysCville, ShopChVille and cvillescene on Twitter – all created to promote local businesses and events. Add into that Twitter accounts for individual businesses like Eppie's and Mudhouse.

  • Awesome examples Kari! Social media is definitely fueling some great new start-ups in town and helping drive growth for existing , brick-n-mortar businesses. Hopefully, the trend will continue.