Create a Blogging Editorial Calendar for Consistent Content Creation (template included)

Creating a blogging editorial calendar is a logical next step once you have set your Internet marketing goals for the year.  For me, it’s about taking my goals and sub-goals for the year and translating them into a stream of blog posts that bring the discussion to life.

Blogging Editorial Calendar Example

Many bloggers struggle finding new content to write about on a regular basis and a blogging editorial calendar helps organize your thoughts and map out a plan of attack.  This is especially helpful is you have a mini-series on one subject you want to blog about over the course of a week, month or year.

It is by far easier to brainstorm and organize topics for your content now, than wait until it is time to write a new post.  For example, yesterday I mapped out a new theme I wanted to discuss, broke it down into “chapters”, and then brainstormed individual blog posts on each topic.  In 30 minutes, I came up with a very well organized stream of 98 blog posts that I’ll publish over the next 3 months.

The benefit of creating a calendar is two-fold.  One, you’ll feel more organized and have the appropriate time allocated to discuss a topic that’s been on your mind.  Two, your readers will appreciate a consistent flow of content around one or many topics, rather than random posts on seemingly disconnected topics.

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What do you think?  Would a blogging editorial calendar help keep you organized and motivated to blog?

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