Create Video Content to Engage Your Readers Online

Creating videos to engage your readers is a great tactic you should consider if you manage a blog or would like to take your online communications strategy to the next level.

Publishing online video has vastly improved over the years and for a minimal investment you can easily shoot, upload and share video on the fly.  The two biggest barriers I most often see are 1) fear of criticism and 2) assumption that video takes a long time to produce.

I’ll admit, shooting video takes some nerve.  My advice is to practice.  If you need to, shoot a video everyday for 30 days and then start publishing.  This will give you the chance to become familiar with the tools and find your voice or individual level of comfort.

In terms of time required – true video can take longer than simply typing out a new blog post.  However, that doesn’t need to be the case if you’re willing to sacrifice perfection for efficiency.  You can easily shoot and post video right within Youtube or use a tool such as Seesmic.

So, what’s your experience been shooting video and what’s the reaction you’re getting from others?

Please leave a comment below or on Twitter @steinarknutsen.


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