Does Audio or Video Really Engage Blog Readers? (Audio)

In this audio post I discuss the benefits and drawbacks of using audio and video on your blog.


Advantages of Audio Blogging
•    Quicker to record and post
•    Fewer tools required
•    Faster download
•    Greater reach with MP3 players

Advantages of Video Blogging
•    Great to put a face with your name and voice
•    Good for presentations or tutorials
•    Good to leverage YouTube channel network
•    Most engaging web content according to studies

In either case, audio and video both add color to the standard text based blog, much like photos make your posts pop.  Experiment with both and find which works best for you.  You may find that video works in some cases, while audio is better for others.

What are your thoughts?  Are you finding success with audio and/or video.  Which seems to work best given the topic or situation?

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