Don’t let the pursuit of perfection hold you back from execution

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Have you ever spent so much time trying to do things like the experts do, to get everything right, that you found you ended up achieving nothing at all?

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All too often I run into folks that have great ideas or things they want to do, but end up getting wrapped up in making everything perfect before taking action.

The myth is that if you make it look perfect then everyone will love it.  The fear is if it doesn’t look perfect, people will criticize you.

The fact is, your customers are often more excited by the idea itself than how it’s presented.  Of course design and presentation matter and you need to be able to effectively deliver on your promise whatever it is, but by no means does it have to be perfect out of the gate.

I’ve learned that getting everything perfect without putting yourself and your ideas out there first is a waste of time. You need to get feedback and input from customers early and often.  They’ll tell you what’s important.  I bet it’s not how pretty your brochures look or how nice your business cards are.  It’s not the font on your website or the polish on your videos.

It’s what you have to say and how you can help them succeed.  How you meet your customers’ needs.  How you deliver outstanding customer support.  How you return phone calls and answer emails promptly.  How you set expectations and deliver results.

What do you think?  Has perfection held you back from achieving your goals?

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