Don’t Stop, Don’t Think, Don’t Edit

20102010 is off to a running start and we all have goals we want to achieve this year at some level.  Typically, my first advice is to write your goals down.  It is such a simple thing that most people take for granted, yet it is so effective.

But then what?  How do you get started?

This is especially difficult if you are in unchartered waters or working on a goal that has been nagging you for years.  As with most things, consistency helps.

My friend Ed has some advice on this issue I found refreshing.  Not that his approach is really anything new, but more that it is easier (and faster) if you do a little everyday:

The biggest single thing you can do to achieve whatever it is you want to achieve is this.

Get a kitchen timer, set it for thirty minutes, take everything off the hook, put the iPhone on airplane mode and take action in what ever you do.

Don’t Stop.

Don’t Think.

And for the love of the DIETY of your choice – DONT EDIT.

Do this for the first working week of 2010 and you will stun yourself with what you can achieve.

via So It’s 2010… | The Underachiever Life.

What do you think? What are you doing to achieve your goals this year?

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