Engage your readers with mini-series of blog posts

Bloggers can learn some good strategies for engaging readers by imitating tactics used by some of the most successful authors. One tactic I’ve found useful is to write posts or publish videos in a mini-series.

Writing in a series builds anticipation among readers and help you organize you thoughts.

Write a series. All of these writers have a series of books, some of them have multiple series with protagonists that people get to know and are keen to read the next installment about. Remember, it may take you a year to write a book, but it takes a real fan about 5 hours to read it. Then they want the next one! If you can hook people into your series, you will sell the rest of them to that reader and the books will keep selling.

What Do The Most Highly Paid Authors Have In Common? | The Creative Penn.

For example, if you’re blogging about staging your home you might write a four part series of posts that cover 1) staging basics, 2) staging on a budget, 3) hiring a professional stager and 4) staging your home for photography.

Blogging in a series takes some additional effort upfront but the long term benefits far out way the traditional, shoot-from-the-hip approach.

What do you think? Have you tried blogging using this approach?

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