Facebook Fans Are Not Interested In Interacting With Your Company

It’s hard to dispute the conclusions you might draw from this chart that suggests Facebook Fans are really most interested in getting free stuff from the brands they follow on Facebook.

I guess it’s not that surprising, but what did catch my eye is the fact that “interaction” came in last place.

via 4 charts that show how social media drives sales relationships.

What do you think? ¬†Why do you “Like” certain brands on Facebook?

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  • This is surprising. Maybe I don’t run with the traffic – but I follow organizations on Twitter and FB because I love providing feedback. I like finding out about their latest. Free stuff? Sure, that’s great, too – but they can only give away so much stuff. I also like putting a personality with the company. A company that’s responsive and interactive on social media does more for me than a company that isn’t. Of course, I think the worst is when organizations don’t interact at all via social media. To adapt a phrase from Mr. Miyagi, either social media do yes, or social media do no: Social media do “guess so,” get squished like grape.

  • Justin – I appreciate your comments and can totally relate; however, I think your perspective is rather unique. I wish more folks had this attitude!