Find Balance in Your Social Media Communications Strategy for a More Rewarding Experience

social media communications strategyClients often ask me what they should tweet about once I set them up on Twitter.  It’s a valid question, given that most new Twitter users shut down only days after getting started.  The fact is, most of us are not wired to opening talk to strangers and find the fear of criticism paralyzing.  We’re all victim to this at some degree.

Hopefully, the following 3 components will help get your head around how to approach your social media communications strategy.  Start with the component that feels most comfortable and grow from there to create a complete picture of yourself for others to follow.

3 Essential Content Types for Effective Social Media Communication

Talk about …

  1. Yourself – this gives your readers some clue about you as a person.  People like to talk with people so make sure to inject a little about your personality, hobbies and daily life.
  2. Your company, product or services – at the end of the day, if your goal is to sell something, find new customers, or engage with existing customers you must talk about what you have to offer.  This is basic, but is a must.
  3. Your industry or community – social media is about community so get involved.  Something happening in town you think others might find interesting – share it with your followers?  Developing news in your industry?  Serve as the go-to-person within your niche for the latest news and share information as it comes across your desk.

WARNING: do only one of these three things and you risk turning people off.

  • Only talk about yourself and people will get bored or even annoyed.
  • Only talk about your company and you’ll come across as a pushy salesperson.
  • Only talk about your community or industry and you’ll just be a news source.

The trick is to have a balanced approach that provides your followers with a complete picture of you as a person, member of the community and provider of valuable products and services.

What do you think?  Does this make sense as an approach to execute your social media communications strategy?

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