Focusing Your Blog on a Specific Niche to Organize Your Thoughts and Improve the Process of Creating Original Content

niche blogging for focusBlogging is a geat way to share information and connect with people within your industry or area of interest, but without focus it will be difficult to generate content and for others to follow along. Focusing on a specific niche will help organize your thoughts and improve the process of creating original content.

What is a niche exactly? According to the dictionary:

A niche in the market is a specific area of marketing which has its own particular requirements, customers, and products.

For example, in the bicycle market, “mountain biking” might be considered a niche. There are sub-niches as well, such as “mountain bike equipment,” “mountain bike training” and “mountain bike vacations.” Each one of the sub-niches has a unique set of customers, products, and requirements to which you could speak.

What niche are you interested in? Are there sub-niches that speak more directly to your intended audience?

  1. Take 20 minutes to brainstorm your target market and the potential niches that exist.
  2. Now spend another 20 minutes brainstorming general topics to blog about that are of interest to these niches.
  3. Next, craft the actual blog post titles to specifically identify what you’ll write about in your blog.
  4. Finally, Put the results in a blogging editorial calendar as a roadmap.

In about an hour, you’ve successfully identified a target niche and outlined a series of blog posts. For inspiration, reflect on your own personal experience or find other articles on your sub-niche. This will make the blogging process more efficient, effective and rewarding.

What do you think? Will focusing on a specific niche help organize your thoughts and improve the process of creating original content for your blog?

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  • I believe you have tackled an important aspect here about being specific in our blogs. The concept you have stated here is simple but many miss it. In my experience, focusing on one niche will increase the chances of success of our blogging endeavors.

  • Thanks Tom. Focus is good for the reader and writer as well. Not so easy, but good for all in the end.