Free Download – Internet Marketing Primer

I wrote this guide to help people understand the basic tools Internet Marketers are using today.  I meet so many business people that need a simple introduction to the basics so they can get started.

What’s Covered?

  • Blogging – overcoming writer’s block,  establishing rythym, WordPress, Blogger and other tools
  • Twitter – how to use a variety of Twitter tools and grow your following
  • Facebook – business pages, advertising, and common questions
  • YouTube – getting started and video search engine optimization

So what’s the catch? Why is this completely free? Although I’m not charging any money for it, I still want something from you. If you like the book, follow me on Twitter @steinarknutsen and talk to people about it.

(Internet Marketing Primer is distributed as a PDF, and requires Adobe Acrobat Reader 6 or newer, unless you’ve got a Mac, in which case you just need a Mac)

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