Friday Mail – Upacking my New AviiQ laptop stand for Macbook Pro

Thought I would share this fun cool new laptop stand from AviiQ I just got in the mail.

About AviiQ

The body of the AViiQ Portable Laptop Stand is made from Hylite, a composite material comprised of aluminum sheets bonded to a polypropylene core. By milling off the aluminum and leaving the polypropylene the material becomes flexible. The feet of the stand are injection-molded Dynaflex, a thermoplastic elastomer.

The AViiQ Portable Laptop Stand adheres to the tenet that form should follow function. It has a minimalist aesthetic; four aluminum plates with white plastic hinges and matte grey feet; a pop of magenta in the lower right hand corner to mimic the AViiQ logo. The light simplicity of the design mirrors the physical weight, size and ease-of-use of the Laptop Stand itself. Even though other laptop stands are designed to support inherently mobile products they are, generally, not designed to travel, and the ones that are dont support the keyboard at an ergonomically-correct angle. The AViiQ Portable Laptop Stand folds flat to fit easily into a laptop bag and is less than 1/4″ thick and weighs only 5.25 oz. It unfolds in less than 2 seconds and can support up to 17″ laptops. The aluminum in Hylite, along with the airflow underneath, helps to dissipate heat to improve battery life and overall longevity.

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  • Cool stand! I have one bit it's a “CoolPad” it's adjustable and swivels. I LOVE my MacBook pro. You have the 15 inch?

  • Thanks – I'm pretty stoked, especially since it's so compact. I have two MacBook Pros – 15″ and 17″

  • carolinagirl

    Wow! Liked your presentation! Do you give Macbook tips – just got one and don't know how to use it? Have a good day and looking forward to your next video.

  • Thanks! I do give MacBook tips. Is there a particular question you have?
    You can check out my other videos at

  • Great post! Tnx.

  • Steinar

    Glad you liked it.