How and Why to Schedule Blog Posts in WordPress

In a perfect world, you could easily write a new blog post everyday without trouble. However, that’s unlikely the case. Let’s face it … blogging takes time and inspiration and the time necessary to capture your attention comes in waves.

Fortunately, WordPress is designed to help deal with the timing issues around blogging, through a great feature known as Scheduled Posts. This basically gives you the ability to delay the published date of your posts to suit your needs.

Scheduling posts makes sense in several situations.

1) You’re on a roll and feel the energy to crank out 3 blog posts but don’t necessary want to publish them all at once.

2) Your on a timeline and, for example, rather than log in every few days to publish a new marketing announcement, it’s better to schedule your posts based on your pre-determined marketing calendar

3) You know that your readers are most active on a given day and time, so it’s better to publish then rather than now.

4) You’re going on vacation but want your blog to remain active.

schedule post in wordpressScheduling posts is easy. Just click on the Edit button off to the right next to Publish Immediately and choose you target date and time. ¬†Click OK and you’ll notice the Publish button changed to Schedule.

Hit schedule and you’re done. And don’t worry, you can still edit your posts while they’re in the queue … or even after they’ve published for that matter.


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