How and Why to use Categories with your Podcast

One great feature of Mobile Podcaster is the ability to assign a category or multiple categories when posting your podcast to WordPress. Those of your that have been blogging on WordPress for a while know, categories are a great way to organize your content. When it comes to podcasting there is an additional benefit.

You see, with the Blubrry PowerPress plugin you have the ability to create multiple podcast feeds based on categories. Most podcasting plugins don’t have this capability and therefore any audio that is uploaded gets grouped in with the general pool of podcast episodes and sent to iTunes.

To add a category to your podcast episode in Mobile Podcaster, just select the categories screen from either the Default Settings or the Recording Details screen. Check off the Categories you want to tag your episode with and you’re good to go. If you choose to upload your recording to WordPress, your new blog post will be put in that category, assuming that the category selected already exists on your WordPress site.

Here’s how I use categories on the Mobile Podcaster site

record podcast on iphone or ipad and set category with mobile podcasterI have three major categories on the Mobile Podcaster site: blog, podcast and pictures.

  • Blog – this category for regular blog posts (like this post). They may contain text, pictures, videos and audio, but I don’t want them sent to iTunes as part of my podcast. They are usually tutorials on a given subject and part of the general reading that makes up my site.
  • Podcast – this category is strictly for audio posts that I want to send to iTunes. The feed for this category is what I submitted to iTunes and if I post any audio in posts in this category, they show up in iTunes automatically within about 30 minutes.
  • Pictures – this category is a fun place for me to take pictures and attach audio describing what you see. I mostly talk about products in this category.

You could setup any and as many categories as you want in Mobile Podcaster – these are just mine. One caveat, you must setup the category in WordPress first if you want new podcast episodes you upload to get properly tagged with the right category. If the category does not exist in WordPress when you create your new post, your post will not include that category.

To setup category recognition in PowerPress, check off Category Podcasting in the Advanced Settings within the PowerPress settings tab.

category podcasting with blubrry powerpress and mobile podcaster

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