How I use my iPad everyday to help manage my business

I use my iPad everyday and have since May 2010 to help run my business. It’s a great tool to supplement my other computers and iPhone.

Primarily I use it for:
– Presentations to small groups of people (Keynote)
– Reading RSS feeds and sharing with clients or business partners (Reeder)
– Facebook & Twitter (Osfoora & FlipBoard)
– Blogging (WordPress)
– Recording and posting podcasts (AudioBoo)
– Writing my book (Pages)
– Reading books (iBooks and Kindle)
– Watching videos (YouTube)
– Refencing my files on the go (DropBox)
– Downloading and reading PDF’s (GoodReader)
– Taking notes (EverNote)
– Managing my email and calendar (Mail & Calendar)
– Online research and mapping directions for meetings (Safari & Maps)
– Sketching out ideas (Adobe Ideas)
– Managing my To-Do lists (Things)

There are other applications I use on a regular basis, but these are the main business apps I use to support my business. The iPad is great because it turns on immediately, it’s extremely portable, has great battery life, has the best selection of great applications, and has wireless and 3G Internet access. It’s a valuable asset to my business.

How do you use your iPad?

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  • Stephanie

    Hey Steinar – I’ve been considering an I-Pad but I’ve heard about issues ranging from weak wi-fi and crashing apps to charging issues. You’re apparently in love with yours so I’d guess you’ve not had those problems. Any last minute advice before I go look for sales?

  • Steinar

    Fortunately, I haven’t run into those problems. Wifi issues might have to do more with the local wifi transmitter. Apple has a pretty rigorous app approval process, so while some apps might crash occasionally, it’s not a regular problem by any means. My advice is to have a clear plan for how you’ll use the iPad before purchasing.

  • Kim Rawks

    I bought mine at a black friday sale then my boyfriend got on the following cyber monday. We’re both pleased and haven’t had any issues. We did hear about issues a little while back but maybe they released new software and hardware improvements.

  • Steinar

    Apple has released a few iOS4 updates to the iPad and it just keeps getting better. Hope is enjoy!

  • Jennifer Darnell

    I was just going to ask if it could read ebooks in the Kindle format but then read your piece a little closer. I’m really surprised Amazon let their format be compatible.

  • Steinar

    Yeah, it’s great to read Kindle books on the iPad. I also use iBooks and GoodReader specifically for PDF’s.

  • Donna Patton

    I won mine at an open house and am just getting used to using it on a daily basis. Not sure about reading books on it, thought about getting a kindle that is lighter and might be easier to read at night in bed.

  • Kindle definitely has its advantages, but I’ve found the iPad really great for reading.