How the Google Adsense Affiliate Marketing Program Works

What is Adsense?

Adsense is a pay-per-click advertising program owned by Google and is by far one of the most popular affiliate programs out there. Advertisers setup and pay for ads using Google Adwords, and marketers or publishers such as yourself use Adsense to display these ads. Every time someone clicks on one of your Adsense links, you get paid.

What makes Adsense a good choice?

Adsense is a great choice as an affiliate program for beginners because Google does most of the work. When setting up Adsense you only need to really select size and color of the Adsense block and Google will determine based on the content on your site, which specific ads to display. With other affiliate programs, you normally have to specify the exact products you want to promote.

Adsense is also a great choice because the application process is fairly simple using your Google account. There are a few questions you need to answer, including the website on which you’ll use to display ads.

Some other affiliate programs require you to apply to certain programs based on the products you want to promote, the content you have on your website, and the promotional methods you plan to use. Adsense is not as particular on these issues, though they will reject your application if you don’t meet accept the policies outlined in the application process.

How do I set up Adsense?

To apply to Adsense and begin the setup process, visit

How do I display Adsense links?

Adsense links are typically displayed in one of two formats: text or image banners. Text links include 4 or 5 links to participating Adwords merchants including a title, description and link. A banner add is a single image that links to the merchant’s website.

With both text and banner ads, there are several options, including size, # of ads to display, and color. These are required options you must select – pretty much everything beyond that is optional.

Choosing the right format and layout for your marketing will require some trial and error mixed with good taste and good luck. Some experts suggest that you should design your Adsense ads to blend in with your text because people psychologically ignore anything that looks like an advertisement. Other folks suggest that image banner ads in the header and footer perform best.

How you design and implement your ads requires testing. Choose the right combination of format and design that makes sense to you and monitor results closely. Overtime, you will learn what is working best and have some performance benchmarks with which to make some education guesses on to change.

Affiliate Marketing Field Guide

Affiliate Marketing Field Guide

How do I get paid?

You earn money every time someone clicks on one of your Adsense links. Adsense pays affiliates based on the earnings on a monthly basis … 30 days after your balance reaches a minimum of $100. There are two payment method options, check or electronic funds transfer.

Anything special about Adsense?

Because Adsense only pays a few sense per click depending on your industry, it can take a lot of clicks to earn your first $100. Of course, you getting paid just for clicks – the people who clicked on your ad never has to actually buy anything. Hence, Pay-Per-Click. Other programs potentially pay more per click, but in most cases require a purchase to take place.

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