How to Add Custom Dashboard Video Tutorial Widget in WordPress

I mostly develop WordPress sites for my clients and often create custom video tutorial for them as a way to offer ongoing help. Video is great because, unlike a pdf tutorial, the user can watch and listen to me explain exactly how things work.

In most cases, I upload my videos to YouTube, set them to hidden and then email a link to the client. This works in the short-term, but ultimately the email gets buried and the client calls back asking for more help on the same topics.

To resolve this, I now embed my Youtube video tutorials directly into their WordPress Dashboard. The videos are more accessible and easier for me to update.

wordpress dashboard video tutorial widget

How to embed video tutorials into WordPress Dashboard:

1. Upload 1 or more videos to YouTube. I use Screenflow for Mac, Screenr or QuickTime to record my tutorials
2. Create a YouTube Playlist including these videos. Here are some instructions to do that. The trick is to embed a Playlist not individual videos, so as you add more videos from your end, the Playlist is automatically updated in their Dashboard.
3. Now add the following code to your theme’s function file … pen up your site files via FTP and go to wp-content/themes/THEMENAME/functions.php

4. Be sure to change the content and Youtube iframe embed in the echo statement to fit your needs.

5. Save the functions.php file, open the Dashboard and drag your new widget to the top of the Dashboard.

6. One last thing I also like to do is remove some of the clutter from the Client’s Dashboard. From the WordPress Dashboard, click on Screen Options in the upper right hand corner and uncheck any unnecessary widgets.

wordpress dashboard screen options

Hope this helps – I know my clients love it! Thanks to wpbeginner for the inspiration.

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