How to Add the WordPress “Press This” Bookmarklet Link to Your Browser Toolbar

I’m blogging a lot more during the 30 Day Traffic Challenge and it reminded me of this great tool that is pretty well hidden in the WordPress Admin: WordPress Press This bookmarklet. This bookmarklet is a useful link you can add to your browser’s toolbar or bookmarks to increase your efficiency.

The idea behind the Press This bookmarklet is that as you browse the web, you might come across something you want to share in a new blog post.  Rather than cutting and pasting the content and appropriate resource links, you can use Press This to simply highlight the text and click the Press This link. This will save you a bunch of time and make the process of sharing other people’s content much simpler.

The Press This bookmarklet can be found in the “Available Tools” section of your WordPress admin.  This is simply called Tools in older versions of WordPress.

Add WordPress Press This bookmarklet to your browser toolbar

To begin, click and drag the Press This button to your browser’s toolbar.  Obviously, you must have your browser’s options set to show a toolbar of links or bookmarks.  This varies depending on your browser and operating system.  If you’re having trouble clicking and dragging, you can also right-click or CTRL-click on a Mac to “add link to Bookmarks” or “save link to Favorites”.

Once you install Press This in you toolbar it’s time to start using it.  For example, let’s say I want to quote a recent article I found on SEO and reference the author with a link back to the original article.  Simply highlight the text in the article you want to quote and click the Press This link in you browser.

Press This wordpress quick publishing bookmarklet

Now you get a popup window where you can edit your post and add your own color commentary.  You can also save the post as a draft which is a great way to fill up your pipeline with new post ideas.  One drawback of the Press This window is that you cannot schedule a post for later, but I can live with that.

Typically I like to add my comments at the beginning of my new post just before the quoted text and put the quote in blockquotes. This seems to give the best appearance and provide proper separation for the reader between my comments and the 3rd party content.  Of course, this will depend on how your WordPress theme is formatted to display blockquotes.

Here’s an example of a Press This post on my site.

How Web 2.0 Affects SEO Strategy

Pretty cool huh?


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